About my psychic work!

Hello everyone!

Today l am gonna tell about me in English!

I have been doing this work for 26 years since l was 20 years old.
I had many experiences from now and l am currently in NYC.

My spiritual partner is god from Sirius star.

When l was in Japan until last February, I controlled from Japanese Goddess, and my body is almost together with them anytime..

So l didn’t have my time, l always thing about the future of Japan or Japanese God.

It was hard and i could not love with someone..
I should focus on others happiness and l should keep my psychic power for every people.

But now l am NYC and l have a free space about my life especially no control from Japanese God or others.

My psychic ability due to native indian and Dragon spirit.

So l have a great energy even if l spend a normal life.

As you see, I can suggest many work to you.
For example, psychic reading, healing, energy work and training.

if you are interested in my work, please text me!


I am looking forward to see you soon ♡


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